Summer Nights

Some of my favorite memories from past summers are when I was out camping or hanging by a campfire. Just the fact that I was surrounded by friends and family made summertime so much fun.

I realized though that this year I have truly understood why we need this break, not to be able to get away from school but to get away from the things that are dragging us down and just be able to sit back for a bit and just find ourselves. The summer is a time for meeting new people and doing things you usually don’t have time for.

This summer I’m so greatful to have the opportunity to go to a summer camp; I usually take it for granted but this year I’m so excited for it. I have missed being able to stay up late and just talk to people, I have missed the conversations that were had and the smiles that were shared. I’m planning on taking full advantage of the opportunity to step out of my shell and enjoy my time with the people that will surround me.

We might be outlaws but we are doing the best we can.

love yours truly,

Hailey XOXO


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