High School

I dislike school with a passion I have always hated going to school and the only time I did enjoy school was when I was homeschooled but I’m not anymore, so how have I become super excited for school to start?

You see I’m a senior that means I have one year left of school then I’m finished. For the past few months I have been hyping myself up for school by watching back to school videos and putting myself in the mindset that this is gonna be a great school year. Trust me though it has taken a lot to get to this point and I’m still amazed that I changed my attitude about school.

Since its my last year and I’m not going to college people are always asking me what my plans are after I graduate. I always answer them by telling them what my dream is to open my own cafe. Then if they are still interested I tell them how I plan on working up to that by creating connections in the community and just saving up to the point that it’s even possible for me to run my own cafe. You see I have a dream and to be honest I’m not to sure how it will end up working out. I heard once though that God likes making the impossible possible, so I’m gonna be faithful and pray that God will do just that for me.

A positive mind equals a positive person, so I always try to smile and have something that makes me smile throughout my busy day. Here’s some tips on how to put a smile on your face and how to just stay a bit more positive towards school and life in general.

Tips for the school year:

  • Have a music playlist to wake up to that will put a smile on your face.
  • make sure you wake up with plenty of time to get ready so you don’t stress.
  • Plan ahead, like studying or even plans with friends
  • Have snacks ready for you to grab and go so you aren’t starving during school
  • Make friends with your teachers, cause they are a lot nicer on extensions if they like you.
  • Make friends even if it’s just someone to sit with at lunch (personally squads are cool to but they can get a bit drama filled halfway through the school year)
  • Have something to look forward to, like for me I always have something planned on Wednesdays  like a Core group or even just hanging at my  house with friends.
  • Get rid of negative people in your life and people who just cause drama.
  • Smile even through the tough times
  • Books are great to always have with you, especially if you get to class early or get a free day.

School may not be what I’m meant to do but I’m so happy that I’m gonna be starting the school year motivated with a fire in my heart. If you haven’t found your drive I would highly suggest finding it cause it makes difficult things so much easier and it helps you have an advantage in life cause you’ll be smiling and enjoy the things that most people hate and dread. If you have any tips on how to start  the school year with a smile on your face and a drive in your heart comment down below.

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p.s  Over the next few weeks I’m gonna be going back to school shopping and I will be creating a blog post all about how I make my school supplies super cute and totally adorable. I will also be showing you how I stay organized during the school year. I would have done this last week but I just now got my schedule so I hope you can still get something out of it.😘😘😘


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