First days 

No matter how old you are you have to deal with first days. Whether it be the first day of school or the first day of a job or maybe even the first day of being a parent. We are always having first days and I have sure had my share of first days. 

I remember my first day of high school, I was not excited. I was scared, up to that point I had been homeschooled and did some online schooling. I had never been in a actual class room with kids I didn’t know. If you can imagine little me walking into a crowded hallway totally freaking out. As I know now I shouldn’t have been scared it took me a couple days to make my first friend and a few weeks to find a group of people to chill with(but if you know me I ended up bouncing around and chatting with everyone)

My personality has changed so much since I started high school. During that time I also started singing on my worship team and started finding myself. I have become so much more open to say yes. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without that first day. That first day changed how I saw people, it made me realize how much we judge each other and how the most broken of people can be the sweetest.

I also remember all the tears shed that year because of the lose are school had. I don’t think I have ever felt how I felt that day. My heart ached and it forever will. (R.I.P Brendan 11/12/14) Through everything I am so glad to have had so many people around me. I’m proud of how far I have come. I don’t think I would ever had imagined myself graduating early with one of the best community’s of people surrounding me.

If you are having a first day I think you should slow down and enjoy it cause it might be the beginning of something new. 

Have a great week everyone and please make sure your smiling.


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