I don’t like routines but I always find myself making them or even just doing them without realizing. Routines that I find myself doing:

  • Night time routine
  • Morning routine
  • Homework routine

They are small things but I realize that they make me a better person. I don’t know what I would do if I just went about life without any routines or even hopes and dreams. I find myself relying on these things so often. I guess I never realize the routines I get into till school time because I’m in school we have routines of classes and when homework is due. Everything just turns into a routine if you do it enough times.

Habits though are something that takes so long to accomplish. I read once something said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I have had a few habits that I have had and then broken because they weren’t good and then I have habits that I’ve created that have made me a better person.

  • I used to bite my nails and now I don’t cause I personally decided that I didn’t want to anymore so I stopped(which was tbh really hard to do)
  • I used to never think anything through and now I make it a goal to spend time thinking and praying about things that mean something to me.

Somethings I want to accomplish and turn into a habit.

  • Reading daily either my bible or a book that I’m interested in.
  • Practicing my singing more so I can get to a better place with my vocal range.
  • And drinking a lot more water cause I just need to drink more water.

I am a person who loves self-improvement and I always love seeing people around me improve their lives even if it’s just something small.

We had a question in one of my classes today, the teacher asked what we wanted people to remember about us when we die?

I said I wanted people to remember me as the girl who made them smile and gave good advice. I also want to be remembered for how I motivated people that they can always be a better version of themselves. Why? Because you can always improve, nobody’s perfect and if you think you are you are lying to yourself and to the people around you.

Today I want you to find one thing to work on improving and create a 30-day challenge for yourself. Stick to it and comment down below what you decided to improve on.

Love you all,



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