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Blackness 1.1

This is a short story I wrote about a dream I had I hope you enjoy.

It began on July 25th, 2019. Everyone was going about their daily routines till the clouds began to form. All across the globe, a massive storm rose up from the earth. The wind blew trees from their roots and houses from their foundations. People stared out their windows in amazement. This was like no other storm before. Yes we had had horrible storms the past 5 years but we had the technology to survive them without huge disasters but this was something we weren’t ever gonna fully recover from.

My Alarm went off as I hoped out of bed. I showered got dressed and feed my cat, Arlo. I went to my living room to find my friend Jacob passed out on my couch as usual.” Hey, wake up!” I yell a bit too loud. He barely stirs.”I’m gonna make breakfast and coffee for us so you better get your butt up” I shove him and he jolts up.

“What do you want?!?” He says irritated.

“Well aren’t you a sweetheart in the mornings,” I say sarcastically “get up, I’m making breakfast then we have to go”

“You know you could be a bit nicer,”he says. I roll my eyes and head off to the kitchen.

Our day consists of a lot of random errands. Ever since Jacob got kicked out of college I’ve been taking care of him till he gets back on his feet. Which means 3x as much food cause he eats almost whole cow every single meal and he doesn’t seem to ever have any practical clothing items which lead to a lot of grief from our boss. We both work at a coffee shop down the street from my apartment in downtown San Francisco. We have been living together now for almost 6 months but we have been friends for years.

Once we finish breakfast we head off to do our errands. We get to work with 10 minutes to spare.

“Do you think I’ll ever get my life back together?” Jacob asks as we work on filling orders.

“I don’t know, I think you just have to be determined enough to put forth the work to get there”

” ya, I guess…” He stops speaking abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” He grabs my hand and spins me around. A giant cloud is working its way towards us. The blinds in the cafe start flying all around us. The customers start freaking out and a few of the girls start screaming. An alert pops up on the tv and on our phones. Hurricane warnings everywhere.

Jacob and I make eye contact, Jacob gestures towards the downstairs.”will everyone fit?”

“They’re gonna have to” he turns towards the small crowd that’s holding the door closed. “Everyone stay calm we are gonna head downstairs to the basement” we head to the door and I lead people to where the basement door is while Jacob and a dude named Gavyn to hold the door closed.

“Everyone’s downstairs you guys ready?” I yell over the threatening wind. They nod and release the door. Within millisecond the wind rushes in and the pressure breaks the surrounding windows. The sound rings in my ears as I fall to the ground, shards of glass digging into my hands as tears roll down my face. Jacob and Gavyn  a few feet from me work their way over to the door. Jacob grabs my wrist and pulls me towards him. We all get to the basement door and rush in and lock the latch as tight as possible.

Darkness comes over us as we hear the crying from young children and frightened people. Gavyn grand my hand and starts yanking the glass from it. Painful shrieks sit on the edge of my lips as I try not to make a sound. Jacob holds me as I cry into his shoulder thinking about Arlo and all the people who didn’t make it to safety. As the night leads on the wind dies down and many of us find ourselves drifting into sleep. Manly from exhaustion and others from just being in such close proximity to others. My eyes flutter as I find myself drifting into the darkness of the night also.

I am gonna end it there I’m sorry but I’ll be back tomorrow with a part  ❤️❤️

Comment down below what you think will happen next⤵️⤵️


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