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Blackness part 1.2

Hey, this is part 2 of my short story I hope you enjoy.

My eyes start opening as I hear people stirring. Gavyn looks down at me. “Good morning”

“Good morning to you too,” I say as I look around the room of people “where’s Jacob?”

“he left, my guess is to scope out the outside but I don’t know” he sounds concerned. I stay silent as I stand up and head towards the door. There is no longer any sound of wind and light is peering through the cracks in the door. During sometime during the night,the power went out.

I open the door and am welcomed by the smell of smoke and fresh rain. As my eyes adjust they fill with tears. I shut the door behind us. with Gavyn be my side we start walking up the stairs. From below you could already see how much was gone but as we reached the top you could see how much had changed. The whole city was flattened there were no more skyscrapers and even the small buildings were now just piles of materials. As we worked our way through what used to be the cafe the people from below joined us. “I’m gonna go find Jacob and figure out where to go. Whoever wants to they can join in but I’m leaving now so decide quickly” Gavyn grabs my hand.

“I’m in, let’s go get him and get out of here” three other people join in. A girl named Lola, a boy named Roman and a lady named Zoe. We were about to leave when a little boy ran up to me.

“I want to come,” he said with bright blue eyes staring up at me. I look around.

“What about your parents?” A little old lady came up to me and turns me around away from the kid.

“His parents died last year and I’ve been taking care of him by myself, and I know I can’t take care of him now. Can you please take him with you? He has a better chance with you kids than with me.”

“Both of you can come,” I say

“No darling just him I’m too old,” she says with the most seriously sad face I’ve ever seen. I know she means what she is saying, so I turn around and look back into those blue eyes.

“Of course, you can, what’s your name?” I say as I pick him up and put him on my back.

“Toby,” he says. I can feel his tears run down my neck as we start off. I look back to see the old lady sitting in the only chair that remains in the cafe. She nods her head with tears in her eyes. And we’re off.

I assume Jacob went to the house so we head there first. It’s hard though to know where you heading when all you see is piles of what once used to be buildings. We find it though after walking up and over many piles of stuff. I put Toby down as I start calling out for Jacob. I walk around for what seems like forever till I see it. On top of a pile of stuff, I see Jacob sitting. I run up to him to see him holding something. It’s Arlo. My eyes fill with tears as I fall to my knees.”he’s still alive” Jacob says. I can see tear stains on his cheeks.”I came out here looking for him excepting not find him, but here he is with a broken leg. Just a stupid broken leg” he starts laughing with tears in his eyes. I join in as we sit together cuddling with Arlo.

The group joins us atop the mountain of what used to be our home. We are staring off into an abyss of filth with water streaming throughout it all. Somewhere out there is the ocean. The sun makes its way up more giving us a beautiful sunrise. “What are we gonna do?” Lola says

“We’re gonna survive,” says Jacob

What will happen next where will they go? Tune in next time for part 3 of blackness.


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