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Blackness part 1.3

This is part III to a short story I writing about a dream I had. To read part one and two please look down below, thank you. xoxo 

We all spent the night around a campfire that Gavyn made. We learn about each other and who we were before the darkness came. Toby told us about his parents and how they were truck drivers and died in an accident. Lola told us about how she was in high school and was n sophomore year. Roman and Zoe are married and lived in a penthouse on the east side of San Francisco. Gavyn had been coming to the coffee house for a while now and I had gotten to know him quite well but he told everyone about how he had run away from home when he was 16 and had started working in San Francisco when he was 17. Jacob stayed quiet most the night but he now and then piped in about something that he had an opinion on but most the time he just stayed to himself. I kept things short and talked about how I had moved to San Francisco after I graduated high school and have been working and making connections ever since.

Since we all had no resources we spend the night on the rubble of the city. Some of us made comfort in wrecked cars others just try to be as comfortable as possible on old rickety beds that were still intact, for the most part. Dark clouds stayed to the west but the winds picked up now and then but died down after a while. We made plans to head south towards Mexico because we thought at least we can maybe get around the clouds and to the west if we head down there. Jacob had scoped out a running car that had been protected in a parking garage underground. The parking garage lead to an underground pathway that leads to a dirt road. Which was really odd but also good for us because we really needed it.

In the middle of the night, Toby woke up crying he wanted his grandma and he missed mom and dad so much. Jacob and I tried comforting him with Arlo but nothing seemed to work he was very scared and shaken up about the whole situation. We finally got him to calm down probably after three hours by then me and Jacob were wide-awake and couldn’t really get ourselves to sleep. We ended up staying up and watching the sunrise it looks so beautiful but also so scary because of the smoke that had accumulated throughout the night.

Jacob and I scouted out some food. It took so much effort but we found some cans that were dented but still were fine and we looked into a few cars and found some granola bars and thing. We woke everyone up and got ready to head towards the car on our way we ate the food that we had found.

“How far away is it” ,asked Roman

“Not too far it was maybe a mile that way” Jacob pointed towards the south end of town.

“When do you think will be able to get a shower?” asked Zoe

“Seriously ?”said Lola “we probably won’t get a shower until we get to some sort of water which won’t be forever unless we stop by the ocean or something.” She sounded irritated.

“Calm down,”said Gavyn “it’s not like we’re dying…yet”

“Don’t say that!” Lola practically yelled

“OK OK calm down,” I said just kind of irritated with everyone.

Jacob had stayed quiet during this conversation I think he was just trying to figure out what we’re gonna do and how we were going to end up living off the land. He always did that whenever something went wrong he would just sit and analyze things trying to figure out who to go,who to talk to, and what to do. He was very perspective on everything. Especially when he got kicked out of college. he just didn’t know what to do about anything. He just sat in my house eating food and thinking.

We stopped after a while of walking because Tony was complaining about his legs. Lola had spent the whole entire walk trying to stay positive but ended saying super negative things. Roman had a whole arm full of food and supplies. He was being pretty good about that but we could tell he was struggling with having to carry it all so we all separated everything among us. We were sitting for about five minutes when Jacob came up to me and grabbed my arm. “Somethings wrong!” he said frightened

“What what happened?” I asked really confused

“It’s Arlo he all of a sudden got really intense and started hissing at everything. I don’t know what’s wrong with him he’s over there just sitting in the car hissing at everything”

“There’s probably just a dead animal around or maybe there’s an alive animal.”

“I don’t think so he seems really upset about something almost like he can sense something bad is going to happen.”

At that exact moment, the ground began to shake. The mound of trash we were sitting on began to shift.

“RUN GET TO THE CAR!!” Gavyn yelled

Jacob scooped up Toby and I grabbed Arlo. We started running our feet getting scraped up by all the rubbish. “I see the car!” Jacob looked back at me but I wasn’t smiling.

“We’re not gonna get there in time!”

“In time for what?!?” At that moment the cracks in the rough of the parking garage collapsed. The cars inside were exploding and the tunnel was filled with rubble. The shock sent us flying down the hill of trash. Zoe and Roman were behind us and Gavyn and Lola were still on the top of the mountain of trash.

The earth started shaking more and a hole in the ground opened up right by Lola’s feet. She plunged downward, Gavyn dived to catch her but his leg got stuck on a fender to a car. The earth stopped shaking and we were all left in shock. Most of us were broken bruised and scared. Tears were shed for Lola as we realized that we were once again stuck in blackness.

Stay tuned for part 4 🤗


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