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Blackness Part 1.5

This is part 5 to a short story that I wrote about a dream I had, hope you enjoy.

As Josh lands the helicopter we all get out to be welcomed by a cloud of smoke. The news that Josh had told us has started to settle as we exit the helicopter. I wish that I had known sooner but I’m glad that he had waited to tell me. A small group of people great us, a few known faces bring Jacob and me to tears. Some of our old friends greet us with open arms. I look around trying to spot my sister when I see a small hand poke out from the crowd and she pushes through. With tears in our eyes, I run to here and bring her into my arms as we both collapse to our knees.

In a jumble of limbs, she starts speaking “Their all gone, all of them.”

“who?” I ask concerned

“mom, dad, Caleb and Josh”

“NO… You’re lying…” my voice breaks as my head falls into her lap. I black out and don’t wake up for multiple hours.

“Bloody hell, what happened to you?” my eyes peer open as I see a familiar face Matt stands over me with a cup of what looks like really dirty water. “I brought you some tea. if you want it.”

“Thanks, where is everyone?” I look around to see that I am sitting in the back of a van. Matt leans over at pats my head.

“you worry too much, everyone is out there packing up to head out towards New York Because apparently they weren’t hit as bad as we  were. In my opinion, we should just bunker down and just chill for a bit.” he looks out the door and looks almost calm about the whole situation.

“how do you do that?”

“do what?”

“stay so calm.”

“You see I have gone through many things in my life and a little storm isn’t even as bad as a lot of it.” He leans over and kisses my cheek, “I’ll be back I have to go help buddy’s pack up” with that he gets up and leaves.

A few minutes later the group I was with joins me in the van. We chat about what has happened and decide to hang with this group for a while since they seem to have a good idea on where they want to go. Toby cuddles up next to me and Jacob hands me, Arlo.

We sit for a while talking to a few people. Jacob puts himself in the far back of the van and doesn’t say anything. My sister shows up and tells us where she will be.

“well it looks like everything is gonna turn out okay after all” Zoe says

“Looks like it” Gavyn says with a smirk on his face.

Matt joins us in the van and puts himself next to me. In close company were off with our driver Liam speeding off into the unknown. Not knowing what will happen next but knowing everything will be alright. or will it?

This is the end, If you want me to create a part 2 please like and comment down below.


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