How many times during a day do you sit back and think “wow my life is awesome”. You probably don’t or rarely do, if you do that’s great but there are so many people that sit back and think “wow… I hate my life”.

There is someone sitting right next to you hating themselves, hating their lives. You don’t know how much pain people go through, this life isn’t glamorous. It’s heartbreaking and horrible. No matter what people go through it matters, it’s real and it is happening every day right in front of us.

I’m probably not the right person to tell you to “be nicer or be a better person” But I can tell you that and I will because I care way too much about the people around me and I don’t think I ever will stop caring. The people around me are going through things every day that breaks my heart.

I get this gut wrenching feeling whenever they tell me about things that people say to them or the things they go through when they go home. I won’t know what it’s like to be hated by my parents or the feeling of knowing that the person I love is popping pills like they’re trying to die. But I will know the pain of the person standing on the side lines not being able to do anything. The pain that I go though is horrible because no matter how much I try to butt in and stop what’s going on I can’t. I have wanted to scream at parents that won’t tell their kids that they love them or the ones that dont care at all about the amazing people that they are so lucky to call their child. But they won’t care because I’m only me…

I can be there I can show them the love that they aren’t getting at home. I can make sure that I show them affection and loyalty in their lives no matter how hard my own life gets.

Cause I care and I won’t stop because I love them so much and it kills me to know that they are in pain and i can’t do anything to help them.


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