Drama is something I hate it and I hate when I’m forced to be apart of it. It’s my senior year and I’m already getting pulled into the drama. I love how people think that it’s okay to talk about me behind my back, it’s like if you would just talk to me you would understand that what you are saying is the opposite of who I am.

Something I really wish I would listen to:

  • Ignore it cause you know it’s not true.
  • Draw close to your true friends that are ignoring it.
  • Laugh at it, cause in the end that’s all you can do.
  • Don’t confront anyone it’s just stupid cause they most likely won’t listen.
  • Get your mind off it so you don’t stress out.

I have been bullied and had rumors spread about me multiple times and the best thing I can tell you if this is happening to you is that this will show you who your true friends are. Your true friends will stick with you, They will get seriously mad id they hear anything said about you, They will tell you what’s happening and defend you. Loyal friends will be the ones that last.

last but not least remember that everyone will forget about this in a few weeks. You are most likely making a big deal of nothing and this will blow over be faithful and patient.

The storm will pass and you will be left stronger then ever cause you just survived and you are doing great at fighting society and being an outlaw.

Love you all, Stay Golden xoxo


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