I got my permit a few months ago, personally, I hate driving so getting my permit wasn’t the biggest achievement for me. The last few months I have needed to get hours in so I can take the driving test but I haven’t been in a huge rush to get the hours. I finally though am getting to the point where I realized that I need to get my license.Especially in the last month. Since it’s my senior year I am always needing a ride places and my bike can’t always get me there.

I was talking to a friend this week and driving was brought up, he doesn’t have his permit or anything and he was so excited to get it. I was so jealous of his excitement to drive. I wanted that, I wanted his excitement. So I stopped and thought how can I get that excitement so I can stop hating driving and start enjoying how close I’m getting to freedom.

I’m an adventurer I love exploring and going to new places. Road trips are one of my favorite things. Going on road trips with friends is even better. This weekend my mom needed to drive up to Idaho to pick up something for my Grandma. She asked if I wanted to drive so I decided to take the chance. The drive is about 7 hours so I ended up driving 4 and a half hours to get there. It wasn’t that bad of a drive it was just the fact that I had to pass so many cars and was going 90mph at one point.

I realized though that driving long distance is really fun. I like it because I get a great view of all the colorful fields. I think since this trip I will stop complaining about having to drive and realize that if I ever want to go on a road trip with friends or go to the lake without my family I’m gonna need my license.

If you are ever in the same places that I was in or if maybe you have your license but you really dislike having to drive. Take a road trip or drive somewhere cool it will make you appreciate being able to drive to such neat places.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to be an outlaw in your community and push passed the box that society has put us in.


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