Happiness Project

Family and Friends (connection)

My whole life having a connection with my family and friends has been a huge deal. Within the past few years, I have lost the connection within my family. For month One of my happiness project, I want to find that connection again. Without finding those connections again this project will fall apart. Having social connections in my life I can become very closed off which won;t help when I’m trying to open up more and find new friends.

Some of my goals are:

  • Find an activity to do with my family
  • Go on a family trip like we used to do
  • Take a friend to coffee and just catch up with them
  • Host a movie night or a party.
  • Plan time with friends

My main objective is to connect with the people around me and to show that I appreciate them. I would like to continue this throughout my daily life because connection and community mean a lot to me.

Throughout the next month, I will be doing update blogs about how this is going and maybe even ask for some help on things.

Thank you so much for taking some time to read this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Comment down below with advice on creating strong bonds with people.



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