Loving it 

Have you ever had something make you smile so much that you couldn’t help but think how lucky you are to know that person or how you have been able to do something. I can’t believe that I’m alive, I probably would be dead without my supporting family and friends and music. They brought me out of the darkness and showed me the light over and over and over again. 

When I was little they taught me how to walk, talk, dance and sing. They gave me a appreciation for music and the arts. I was able to be weird and crazy. I could change my clothes three times a day and it was okay, it’s almost like they knew that I would have a passion for fashion if they let me. My childhood was great especially with homeschooling till high school and getting to make so many cool memories that most kids couldn’t even imagine. 

The foster kids that went through our house taught me to be empathetic and show sympathy. I learned the true meaning of sacrifice and going with the storm as if it was just a gentle breeze. I will never forget the moment when my best friend, sister and roomie left. We had grown up so long together but then she had to go. She didn’t go home though cause we were her home she went to blood. She went to a place of old memories and connections. I was, my family was and is her family but you will always learn this that blood has a bit of a connection between people that you can’t get rid of. 

And now I stand here in an empty room full of opportunities. I have left my childhood and been working my way to adulthood. This mansion is only a eighth of the way full and some rooms I haven’t even stepped into yet. There’s this basement though, it’s a pit with heart ache, sad memories and losses. I find myself standing in front of if trying to act like it’s all good but I can see past everything. I can see the depression, the doubt  and regret. But I can also see the memories that may not have been fond but they are bonds. Bonds that won’t be broken like blood. 

I put my hands up though, cause I swear that I know what I need. I need something that has a plan. That has the ability to change my life. That can bring people in and out of my life at the right time and moment. As I raise my arms in surrender a mighty hand will come and take all the darkness away. Leaving an empty room with a fire, lightbulb and a seed.

He has started a fire in my heart that burns brighter the more that I add fuel to it like discipling.

A light bulb sits with no attachments but it shines a light that glows and around showing all that I am different.

And a seed that multiplies for others so they might sow into other people the words of God.

I live it, I love it and I’m ready for more of it. 
With a final word as the night shifts away. ⤵️⤵️


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