Who would know 

My life has been this amazing whirlwind of love and compassion. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that supported me and pushed me. They knew I was capable of much more then what met the eye. I’m so thankful for that, and for the people that they put in my life that they some how knew I would need. My parents are one of those things that I don’t appreciate enough. They have given me a home, a roof over my head, shoes on my feet and a community that has that more then blood connection. 

Who knew that at 16 I would have been able to say that I have grown so much. 

  • I know how to ask for help
  • I know that your family is one of those connections that you will need.
  • Only having 1 or 2 close friends is okay.
  • People will always be coming in and out of your life but the memories will stay.
  • A cup of tea can calm the worst of nerves.
  • Talking to someone is a great way to relieve stress and unload.
  • Believe in yourself and push yourself .
  • Open up
  • Explore 
  • Be young and enjoy it 
  • Have the courage to tell yourself that everything is gonna be okay, cause at some point in your life you won’t have a parent or sibling there to do that. 

Guys my life has flown by and I’m proud to say that I don’t regret anything. Everything that has happened has formed the person I am today. The people I have met have left marks. The few people that have taken bits of my heart are out there to. But to say as I look out on the night sky I’m proud of what I’ve done and where I’m going. 

I wouldn’t have ever imagined my life like this but here I am with some of the coolest memories ever. 

So breathe, look at your life, all that stress that was there is gone. 

Those clouds that covered your sky have passed and your sky is still there; beautiful and painted individually for you. 

I’m excited to tell you that my happiness project is doing great and those connections are already growing. 

Have a great weekend, and be an outlaw in your own life 😘


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