Things that can either make or break you

Mending broken hearts is something that I truly love to do. But at some point there is this moment where you can’t mend some broken hearts. Some people just don’t need you or don’t want you, or maybe they just don’t even see it as a problem. I’m the type of person who is very empathetic and shows a lot of sympathy towards the broken. Which makes it very hard for me to walk away from situations that I think I can help with.

One of my friends message me a couple of days ago saying that he was really mad because this guy had told him to step away from the situation and he was trying to help out with. He was super mad and was telling me how much you really disliked to the guy for saying that. You didn’t understand why he had told him to back off and why he said it wasn’t his issue. This was one of those practice what you preach moments for me.

I said, “Sometimes when you’re talking to someone and trying to help them out you get way too involved to the point where it starts affecting you. Like you shouldn’t be getting angry over someone else’s issues that to be honest sometimes you don’t even need to be a part of. I know you like to help because I always do that but there becomes a point where you can’t really help out anymore because it’s their issue.”

I realized then that I did exactly the same thing except no one had ever told me to back off. It was also an additional thing that went with what my counselor told me this week. She was talking about how I didn’t focus enough on myself and I focused more on the people around. Which is great at times but also bad at some points. 

That’s just a quick thing that I learned this week and wanted to share. 

I hope you have a great Halloween if you celebrate Halloween and a great Nevada day😘😘


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