Happiness Project

Family and friends 

How did it go???

It was great then horrible then great again, you could also just say that it was a very up and down experience in general.

This was month 1 of my happiness project the goal was to reconnect with friends and family. I did that pretty well but I did have a moment of self-doubt and loss.

I am very glad that I did it but I thought that it could have gone better. But that’s the thing when you do a happiness project you are learning what makes you happy in life and growing in that while learning how to be happy with the ups and downs of life.

Good things that Happened:

  • I grew a better understanding and connecting with my parents.
  • My sister and I had some great moments of connection
  • I left my home church-okay this isn’t what it sounds like. I have been with 1 church for my whole life I was literally born into the church so I have been going there or 16+ years. Over the end of my “sophomore” year last year I went to this church’s Youth group on Wednesday’s. I was going with my best friends Maggie, Julian and Angelica. We would hang out at my house after school then go to group together. That summer I decided to intern for my church’s worship director but by doing that I had to leave that new church and get back involved at my old church. It was great but I felt a disconnect with the people and with God which I knew wasn’t good at all. I made one of the hardest decisions ever during this month and it was to quit my internship drop out of the worship team and leave the church.(This was so hard like you have no idea I was crying my eyes out at one point) It was something I had to do but there was this connection to the pastors and elders at the church that I as so pained to be leaving. I did it though and now I have the freedom to explore my religion, Explore all the different opportunities that god has for me and I am so excited and scared to do them.
  • By leaving my Home church I have reconnected with some of my best friends
  • I have taken the opportunity to go to parties and to live a little
  • I have put myself out thee
  • I have let go of hurtful relationships
  • I have realized that I don’t have to be liked by all but I can Love all

That is what I learned from a month of Friends and Family. Am I happier? I wouldn’t say that but I am definitely Happy that I took the time to do this.

November is the month of Routines and creating time for things I will update you on that Tomorrow but for now be happy not for me not for your Family but For yourself cause in the end you are all you will have left

Be an Outlaw.

She’s 22 -Troye Sivan



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