This One Girl

This one girl has dreams, goals, and aspirations. She believes that if she tries hard enough that she could achieve them all. She would stare out windows dreaming of a better day knowing that it would be coming sooner than she could think. That girl didn’t know that her goals would take a lot to achieve even as much as moving mountains. She couldn’t do it alone though but she knew exactly who to call this guy she had heard of his name was Jesus and his father God. Who could imagine though that her small dreams would be accomplished and so much more, including showing her that there was more to life than living inside the box and you didn’t need to hide from life.

This girl was me a week ago but I am pushing myself to become better and to realize that some things were meant to happen. Including losing my friend and that was okay even though it hurts to this day.

My happiness project is still gonna happen except that I am just gonna try to be happier by focusing on myself and the people in my life that care the most. I want to end this year on a happy note. I’m tired of regretting things and wanting to change my life. Cause, in my opinion, everything happens for a reason.

So with these new goals and dreams, I am ready to achieve more and become that outlaw and be a person that I am proud of. With one deep breath I let out that bad and take in the good.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Be an outlaw 

Reasons to wake up- Seth Baer 


2 thoughts on “This One Girl

  1. I wish this little girl all the success in future endeavours, and dear you do have a talent gifted by your god and that is to express your feelings and views in a simple and yet beautiful way, keep developing it and keep inspiring people like me. And sorry for the loss of your friend, but when you step out of the box, the world is yours, be happy and do keep others happy. I particular liked when you mentioned that I will try to be happier by focusing on myself and people in my life, it’s really good.

    For many years right from childhood to my graduation I really used to worry about people’s opinion on me, their judgements and tried heavily to impress others and doing things which I may not enjoy just to impress them. But whatever I do and however I try, it’s not possible to satisfy all in every aspect. A lesson I learnt in a hard way. So I stopped judging myself through others eyes and started to do things I like and admire and those few good ones in my life who matter to me a lot and who really wished for me all the good in the world. Be happy always and keep bettering yourself. Jesus will surely be with you and help you in every way, good luck dear.

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