I’appel du vide 

‘The call of the void’

L’appel du vide, literally “the call of the void” is a French phrase used to refer to intellectual suicidal thoughts, or the urge to engage in self-destructive (suicidal) behaviors during everyday life.

– Wikipedia (simplest explanation I could find)

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing this up it’s because during class one day (I forgot what we were talking about) I brought up how when I’m on high buildings I get the urge to throw myself off. Okay stop I’m not suicidal, At those moments I’m not usually even upset. I finally looked it up though cause after that day in class I felt like a freak for saying that and getting stared at. 

It also popped up in a ‘Danisnotonfire’ video 

Let’s just say I was so relieved when I learned I wasn’t actually crazy. It’s also had to do with our minds knowing we have responsibilities and things to do and it goes into flight mode (literally) to flee and use the most easy way out. This whole concept though is very interesting.

Why do are minds immediately go into fight or flight mode? Why do we have random ideas pop into our minds? 

I certainly won’t ever understand but at least I do understand why I get the urge to chuck myself of high places. Which doesn’t help with my weirdness but it also helps with it cause it reminds me that there are people out there that will understand me. 

Had this ever happened to you? Comment down below 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a to do list helper 

Become an outlaw, xoxo I love you 


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