How do you find a sense of peace and calm yourself down?

It takes a lot for me to calm myself down. I can sleep fine, But to actually calm down it takes me forever.

I have a sense of calm when I feel like I have nothing at all to do and no one expects anything from me. My work is all done and I can just sit and listen to some Dodie Clark and just breathe. The most peace I have every felt was when I was sitting in a hammock staring up at the trees and my mind was totally silent.

For the first time in years, I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to getting that feeling of total peace again. I always feel a stress to be doing something when the truth is I don’t need to be doing anything all the time. I can have those moments of peace in my daily life by just living and enjoying those moments of complete peace.

I know I push for you to get out there and do something be an outlaw. I would like to just say now that it is totally okay not to do anything. everyone needs those moments of peace. those moments will really make you look at your life differently. From even just noticing tat you have strung up a new bad habit or even noticing that you have a bad obsession with guys that you can’t have. I know I wouldn’t know myself as well without this moment of peace.

Take a moment right now to take a deep breath and just think about how far you have come and how many dreams you have or maybe don’t have. Turn on some soothing music and light a candle. turn on some fairy lights, grab a book. Run a bath dance around your room. Imagine you have everything you ever wanted then realize that you have just enough.

Realize that your life is something that you can control.

Take it and run with it, whether that be by finding yourself by spending more time with yourself or by meeting someone who can help you understand how you connect  with others. Help yourself become better and be proud of what you don cause you are gonna have to deal with your decisions that you make so why don’t you work on learning to ake the best decisions.

Breathe and know that you have tried to change the bad in your life to good and that you have accepted the wrongs that you have done and moved on.

This can all be done right now, In your room at that cafe, In the arms of the one you love.

You aren’t the only one who has lost sight of who you are cause I have to and I am just now finding myself within these peaceful calm moments of life. The smell of this candle and the lyrics in this music is slowly changing my mindset.

Teaching me how to think in a different way and learning how I think in different ways than others around me.

My calm is made up of little things, That pull me back together after being ripped apart from the stresses of everyday life.

Have a lovely day and remember to find your calm at least once today.

Comment down below a good time of day for me to post these blogs, Thank You


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