Guys, it’s happening again…

When I first started blogging I had a whole entire month of blogs drafted out and ready to publish. I had at least 7 of them scheduled to post and none of them did, but I was stupid and never checked andI was out of town so I wasn’t worried about any of it. I trusted that WordPress would publish it and I wouldn’t have anything else to do. I was wrong I came back and none of it had posted and all my saved drafts were gone. I still don’t know why it happened but it happened again I have used the scheduled publishing since then and it has worked fine but it didn’t this week. I’m just gonna keep blogging as if it never happened and not use the scheduled publishing again.

Things you can do to avoid this and things I’ve learned:

  • Have a flash drive to save your future posts on.
  • Have reminders on your phone or in your planner when you want to post.
  • Have someone publish your posts for you when you know you’re not gonna be able to do it yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes the first time
  • Don’t trust technology to work 24/7

Thank you so much for being patient I will be continuing the scheduled blog posts soon.

Move on cause it’s the best thing you can do and remember that fall teaches us how beautiful it cn be to let things go.


3 thoughts on “Guys, it’s happening again…

  1. WordPress has done this to me, or it will post the same blog three times. I always write/save in Word, then I bring the text over to the application. This is so I can get to my blogs faster, instead of going through months and months of blogs (the price for blogging daily) I don’t trust any type of technology, though.

    What were the blogs about?

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