To Do Lists:

If you didn’t know already I really like lists and bullet points. They make everything so much easier, to do lists make it so at one simple look you can see what you ned to get done and bullet points make main points easier to find.

Every week during school I create to do lists, during each class I have to add some sort of homework or test to study for. By the end of the day, I usually have a very colorful list  of things to do.

I am a doodler so it is usually covered in random doodles too. From cat whiskers to random symbols, my lists are a part of me. Within this past month, I have had a list in my pocket every single day. This might sound crazy to you people who hate lists or aren’t organized at all. My lists though help me remember those small details that I always forget about and give me something to do  while my teachers rant about things like; Interrupting the class, Not doing homework , And the beloved do you work or else I’ll make it worth points.

Here are some of the things/ category’s I have on my list:

To Do:


  • Online Classes/P.E/Yoga/Consumer Math
  • Kindness Project/Write essay
  • Book Log /Read Holding up the Universe/Book Project
  • We The People/Study/Annotate


  • Clean Room/Laundry
  • Practice Guitar/Find new songs
  • Blog/Draft out Posts
  • Clean Bathroom

Long Term Goals

  • Save up for Car
  • Get job

Some of these things will seem stupid to the normal person but for someone like me who is always thinking and can’t remember anything, this helps a lot. When making a list make sure you write it in a way that suits your lifestyle. like maybe  instead of School you will have Work or children or even something as simple as Kitchen things. If you have never used a list I would highly suggest it cause it might just change your life.

Along with list making here are a few things that I have gotten into since starting my happiness project:

  1. YouTubers/ Tanner Bruangardt /Tanner Fox/ The funk Bros/ Aspyn Ovard/ Sadie Robertson/ Zoella/ CutiePieMarzia
  2. Music / Throwbacks like Big Time Rush/ Hannah Montana/ Lemonade mouth
  3. Journaling/ Using textiles and scrapbooking techniques
  4. Spending time with yourself/Yoga/Devotionals

Just some simple things that I have been enjoying. Have a great weekend I love you all.


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