Happiness Project

I’ve got my head in the clouds…

Have you ever gone through the day not really getting anything done but you’re there praticipating?

That was me today I went to school I did the things but I didn’t really interact with anyone I just did what I had to do so I could get home and sleep. If you can’t tell I had horrible sleep last night I stayed up practically all night not being able to fall asleep.

If you’re a High School student you understand the struggles of trying to keep a routine sleeping schedule. From the usual distracions of life to the difficulties of just trying to stop your mind from creating horrible situations. People are always trying to suggest things to me but they never work here are a few:

  • Put away technology, I tried this and I just sat there not tired at all for the whole night.
  • Read , Nope I get way to involved in the book and end up staying up all night reading.
  • Exercise, I get super hyper.

None of these work but I learned a few things from them, 1) I need voices or some type of noise to fall asleep. 2) Going to bed early helps because by the time I fall asleep it’s perfect timing .

How do I plan on getting past this? It’s simple I am going to create a routine (see I’m connecting it back)

  1. Start getting relaxed and calm (read my post “Calm..”) after I eat dinner around 7PM
  2. Shower to wash the stress off from the day
  3. Type up a blog post 8Pm
  4. Get ready for bed and be in bed by 9PM
  5. Turn on some quiet YouTube videos (make a playlist)
  6. Sleep

If you are struggling with sleep you should figure out what helps you find your calm and then branch off of that, you will slowly find a rythm that gets you back on track to having a good night of sleep.

I love you all and have a great nights sleep.😴 


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