Guys I’m freaking out I went on a tour of a local university today. I went because it got me out of school for a few hours and the campus is beautiful. Let me get this out there now, I do not want to go to college. I thought I had made up my mind on this but I’m doubting myself now. I don’t know why. I had made it loud and clear that it wasn’t for me. After the tour, I was still pretty set on my decision not to go but now that I started thinking about it I’m stressing out.

What if I’m way too immature to be making these types of decisions?  What if I’m making the worst decision ever to chase after my dream at such a young age. I don’t know what to do now, my teachers think I’m stupid for not wanting to take advantage of having such a self-motivated mindset. They think I should study something and get some type of degree; But what I have learned from watching college students is that they love it so much. They love learning, socializing and the whole school atmosphere, I don’t. I learn by experiencing and doing things myself.

Things I have taught myself:

  • knitting + sewing ( I bought books, watched videos and went to knitting circles)
  • Guitar (talked to my dad who plays, watched videos and practiced)
  • Art (I have taken classes, but what really helped was just taking the time to figure out how things worked and just experimenting)
  • Creative writing (I used to hate writing but since middle school I decided to try harder and now I have written many “short” stories and feel confident in my writing abilities)
  • cooking, organization, solving problems, room desigin, fashion, basic tech skills, child behavior, meal planning, and photography.

These things were hard to learn for me but I can do them efficiantly and quickly. I don’t think I need to pay a ton of money to learn things. I think that college students are amazing and it is so cool to hear about all the amazing things that they are working for. College just isn’t for me.

What is my plan then?

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Graduate
  3. Get a job and start saving
  4. Buy a car
  5. Recreate my own version of Hotel prius
  6. Travel
  7. Blog/Vlog(Find a way to earn money from those)
  8. Try new things
  9. Push myself out of my comfort zone so far that it doesn’t even exist any more

This is my dream this is what I want to achieve and I will do anything to get this to happen.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and listen to my little rant.

I love You!!! xoxo




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