High school / Routines update

I’m about halfway through the school year and I have gotten to the point where I am just ready to be done. I have been this way since beginning but right now I have been trying so hard to get homework done at the begining of the week so I don’t have to worry about it later. I have gone through the usual “I want to sleep” stage of the year and am now at the “I’m gonna try hard today”. Which isn’t a great mindset because then I have way too many lazy days and I forget about the little things.

To fix this issue I have created a bullet Journal to add to my routines. A bullet journal is pretty much a journal that you can personalize for yourself. Like for me I like the basic, now, tomorrow, next month and future setup. Bullet Journal

I have also started prepping everything for the morning:

  1. Lay out outfit
  2. Pack backpack
  3. Figure out if I have a ride or not
  4. Pack a snack and wash out water bottle
  5. Make a list of small things I need to grab like(Phone, Book, iPod,keys,Wallet, and Sunglasses) because I always forget them and if I write down them I can go down the list and check to make sure I have them. It is pretty much a permanent list by my door now.
  6. Set alarm

You see I found a problem that I had and I came up with a solution. I have also come up with a bedtime routine like I talked about in my other post.

lately, I have been hanging out with my English teacher during lunch because I personally enjoy her company. She’s super sweet and doesn’t seem to mind since I have her class after lunch anyway. I have also gone to lunch with my friend Sam who is really cool. I realized though that I can relate to guys more than with girls. I think it is because I grew up with a guy best friend and we would play video games and run around outside playing pretend.

Which is also why I love Ramona Q. So much is because she had a best guy friend and literally did everything I did when I was little, I even got stuff stuck in my hair and had to get it cut out at her age.

I will leave you on that note, I hope you enjoyed my totally random and spiderweb-like blog post. I couldn’t think of a specific topic so I just started writing and this is where it ended up.

I love you all, Make sure you follow and like

xoxo Hailey



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