As teenagers…

We don’t get much freedom, we haven’t learned much about the world but we are the goofiest and weirdest people you will meet. We are all different, we tend to form groups that we can be ourselves around and we think are problems are the worst thing that will happen in our lives. We don’t notice the pain in the world yet but we notice the pain that our parents and older siblings are dealing with.

As a teenager in 2016, I see the way that both generations are dealing with things and it’s funny to see the way that we blame each other for things. I also see the way that we both are affecting the world around us and how we feed off of each other.

From 13 to 19 we all haven’t experienced much, we like to think that we have.  I will say though that I think that this generation is gonna be the most connected generation. I’m not just talking about technology, though, I’m talking about the way that we will have to collaborate to get things done. Yes, we are lazy and sometimes we sleep too much but we also have some of the most creative minds.

We are always exploring and trying to find the best parts of life to experience. We are going to change the world whether we like it or not. We already have so be prepared as the next batch of young adults is sent out into the real world where they will be experiencing what life has to offer right next to you.

Xoxo, Hailey


Psalms 127:4– As arrows [are] in the hand of a mighty man; so [are] children of the youth.


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