I’m currently single and have been for a year now. I have dated once my sophomore year but it didn’t last long. I haven’t dated since because I want someone who wouldn’t want to settle down, who would want to travel and go on adventures with me. I have had guys ask me out but they all are either entering college or are content with staying where they are. Which to me isn’t what I want, I don’t want to be held back by the person I’m in a relationship with I want to be going in the same direction, with us both pushing each other forward. I watched this video a while back it was from the Awakening conference. They were talking about being a Christ follower and finding someone who has just as much faith as you have so you can grow together which is exactly what I want.

For the last year of being single, I have had moments of wanting a relationship and wanting that person by my side. I realized though that I need to be at a point in my life where I am content with being on my own and can be independent, so if someone comes along I won’t need them but I’ll love having them there to live life with. I don’t want to be needed, I want to be wanted.

I have gotten to that point in this last couple of months where my happiness project has helped me see myself in a different way, I have moved on from seeing myself as this little girl who has no control of her life. To seeing myself as a young adult who has the ability to make my life the way I want it to be with determination and a smile on my face. Yes, I still love staying up late reading under my covers and watching Disney movies, though.

So… Relationship? Sure if someone comes along who wants to be goofy and enjoy being young but still has the maturity to not take a real relationship jokingly, then yes.

Love you guys, comment what you think about dating/relationships.

P.S: I will be upgrading my blog on December 1st.



3 thoughts on “Dating?

  1. Where did you go to the awakening conference?
    On the topic of dating, I think it’s a good idea to wait. You seem to know what you want and you wouldn’t want to get with someone that doesn’t agree. Soon, you will find the right person and you will be able to do these things together, happily. Keep your heart safe and enjoy your life until that day:)

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