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Getting things done 

It’s so hard to get projects done especially when they are time consuming. I have had projects that have taken me forever to finish just because I started them one day and then forgot about them. Which sometimes shows me it wasn’t that important if I was able to forget about it. There are also projects that I rush and finish in a day. Those projects I always regret rushing cause they don’t turn out as well as they could have.

Since I started using my bullet journal I have kept track of all my projects and I have actually kept up with them. I’m so proud of it because I have probably accomplished the most I ever have this month. Yes, I still get distracted and start refreshing my social media sites and creating pointless Pinterest boards, but I can tell you one thing my instagram had a theme for a week there because of that. 

If you have something that you have been putting off get up and do it because you will feel so much better when it’s done. As a high school student I know all about procrastination and putting things off. I remember a few times I put a project for school off for so long that finally I just didn’t do. Which is horrible because it dropped my grade so much In the class. You would be shocked at how some times just getting things done right away can lead to less stress later. 

You can even use this with stepping out of the society norms, let’s say you have this person on instagram that you follow but you know nothing about them other than they are super cute. You could just keep liking their pictures and leave them as an unknown person. Or you could message them and get to know them. You guys could be friends or even more than friends but you would never now until you stepped out of your box and did the unexpected. Ya, a normal person would just let it go but an awesome person would take the leap.

Love you guys so much,

Keep up the great work and have a lovely week

Hailey Xoxo 


One thought on “Getting things done 

  1. I’m horrible about putting things off. I have a novel in the making that I haven’t touched in forever. I also have a few other projects that I have pushed off. This has always been a problem for me. I think it’s because I know whenn I get it done, its done. Sorta like I want to keep the project going forever, or maybe it’s fear of it not coming out perfect.

    This post makes me want to work on those projects.

    Great post!


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