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 Kindness. 1. : a kind deed: favor. 2. a: the quality or state of being kind b archaic: affection.

When I started going to my High School they focused on a few different character strengths one of them was “kindness”. They never really do anything with them other than having us measure are character strengths and weakness’s and working on them.

The last couple months along with my happiness project, I had a community service/kindness project. After I finished the project I realized I don’t do enough for the people around me. I started doing small things like baking cookies for friends, organizing things around the house, and some small things for close friends.

I love doing things for people but I like it when I do something that surprises them. It always makes me smile and warms my  heart when I do something that they wanted but didn’t need at the moment.

Some of my favorite things to do for people:

  • Baking something cause everyone loves free food
  • Helping them with something they struggle with
  • Gone out of my way to make them feel loved
  • Shared verses from the bible that relate to issue that they are having
  • Being there for them even if it means just showing that I care

Kindness is something that I  think everyone should always be working on. I don’t think that there is enough of it in the world and you should always be striving to expand on your kindness. I think you should work on seeing the good and in people and help them realize it by caring about them.

I hope this inspires you to do something kind for someone.

Love you all,

Hailey, XOXO


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