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Issues with the church 


How could you have issues with church?

It’s pretty simple, especially now a days. Everyone is picking and choosing what they like out of the Bible. like pastors who think that it’s okay to push parts of the Bible aside. I have heard at least three stories of it in my own community lately. This isn’t good at all. Nobody should ever pick and choose things out of the Bible especially if you’re going to call yourself a true believer in Christ. Our generation is full of “half” christians. Which means they go to church events, get baptized and say they’re fully committed to living a Christian life style. Then they go to school deny God in front of their friends and put on a whole new face. 

I get it it’s hard to be up front with people about your faith in high school and in life. You risk a lot by putting yourself out there. One of my friends brought that up when we were talking about the whole education system. How schools have banded prayer during school events and how people are trying to take away our freedom of religion. This makes me mad, yes I understand not everyone believes the same thing but there is so many people who haven’t even had the opportunity to believe anything in their lives. 

My question for you is are you a “half” Christian? 

Are you not all in and making waves? 

If we are ever going to make a difference in society you have to stand up for what you believe in and stop hiding. There is no time for half steps cause we are Generation Y not. 

Stand up and step out this week in your faith. 

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 


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