Special Guest

Hello, this is a quick interview with my sister.

Q:Tell us about yourself?

A: My name is Sierra, I am an artist and adventure seeker. But most importantly I strive to be an authentic, honest and faith-filled individual  I love inspiring others, skiing, playing my piano, singing, creating and spending time with friends. Currently a full-time volunteer at an amazing non-profit, and worship team leader at my local church.

Q: what’s one thing that’s happened to you that has made you a stronger person?

A: I went to Thailand and I believe it made me a stronger person because I learned many things about myself, I never even knew I needed to learn, deal with and grow in. An internship for 2 months in a foreign place and applying on my own was scary but exciting in the sense of where God was taking me at the time. When my team mate and I were there, we experienced new food, culture, spiritual warfare, beautiful scenery and amazing people. I rode on an elephant, played with children, learned some Thai, experienced what it’s like to be a missionary, helped on an aquaponics unit, taught English to kids, sang songs, had a Thai style barbecue, spent the night on a bamboo stilt house, and so much more. I could talk about the trip for ages but ultimately I came back a stronger person, both with my faith, my beliefs, and filled with new experiences that are once in a lifetime.

Q:What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

A: Play music and write songs, it helps me to let go of things I am overthinking and enjoy the blessings of life.  I also like to write down positive quotes and create images or visual pieces of art that inspire people and cause people to think. I love spending time with friends and family to, it helps me to re-focus on what is important. I also enjoy just being out hiking or skiing. Away from all the noise and in nature.

Q:What is your favorite part of yourself?

A: Can I say my hair? I mean I love my hair! But on a more serious note, I like my honesty and love for other people. It may be my downfall of being too kind and merciful to those I love, but it’s what makes me, me.

Q:What are some tips you would give to younger girls?

A: Be original, I know it sounds typical, but don’t try to be something your not meant to be. and if you haven’t figured out what you want to be yet in this world, it is OKAY! I still have no idea, I am just taking it one day at a time. Another tip is to not rush to grow up unless circumstances in your life force you to, take it slow. Sometimes we want what we don’t have especially when we are young, and then when we do have it, we miss what we had.

So that was it I really hope that let you guys get to understand what my sister is like and why I love her so much.

Love you all,

Hailey and Sierra XOXO


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