Nope I would love to say that I regretted something in my life but I don’t. I don’t regret throwing my phone when I got mad because it showed exactly how I felt at that moment. I don’t regret at all making friends with the broken people at my school even if they got me into some drama. I for sure don’t regret acting on things even when they seem insane. 

If you’re wondering where this all came from it’s because this afternoon I sat at a Starbucks with my best friends and decided to dump water on the guy from my Why I haven’t been blogging post.

At first I was shocked that I actually did it. Then I got scared that he would be super mad. I ended up getting a lecture from my mom about watching how I react to things and to control my emotions. Let’s just say that’s not the easiest thing for me. I’m an open book my emotions pour out of me and when I try to bottle them up that’s when issues like what happened this afternoon begin. 

Do I regret it no, because to be honest I’m not over how he ended our friendship. I’m still very much hurt and having him ignore me and glare at me for the past few weeks has hurt. I don’t think it was the best reaction to the situation but it was what my messed up mind came up with. 

This isn’t an excuse for how I acted but in the Bible it talks about how there is a season for everything. (my beautiful friend brought this up at core groups tonight)

This is my off season and God is here to help me get right back on track. 

I love you all, make good choices 😁

Hailey XOXO


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