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What have I been up to? What am I planning right now? Well, this is what this whole post will be about.

  • On the 19th my YouTube Channel is going live and we will be posting once a week

To be prepared for that I have videos planned out to create a unique channel trailer. It is so hard to find time to film with my sister though and I’m hoping that everything works out fine.

  • Next Thursday I have a dance at my school

Nothing much I have to do other than just planning out my outfit and makeup.

  • My cousins are coming to town

I just really need to make sure that our house is clean so my mom doesn’t stress out.

  • I have Finals next week and I’m not stressing out I’m just nervous.

How I review for my finals is create a giant study guide combination of all my notes. I also will read through the chapters and create a study page with questions from the chapter.

  • I have a couple things I have to do because my family is moving around march

Mainly just do some spring cleaning and getting rid of some random stuff that I have somehow gotten in my closet.

  • I am also working on getting involved in my church. (if you didn’t know I switched churches)

Which means getting back into worshipping because I miss it so much. There is such a difference when you lead people in worship than just worshipping on your own. I don’t know why but for me it’s so different.

That’s about it but I bet more will come up at some point. I really hope that you guys are staying organized and having a lovely week.

Notice** I will be posting every-other-day for the next week because I really need to be studying for my finals.

Love you all,

Hailey XOXO


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