Special guest #2

This is a quick interview with one of my friends I call her Jelly.

Q: Tell us about yourself?

A: I am a sophomore in high school, who as a great GPA surprisingly. I am 16 years old and born in a small town known as Reno. As a person, I think personality and emotion is what defines a person

Q: What’s one thing that’s happened to you that has made you a stronger person?

A: When I was a freshman I was very suicidal, lost, stressed at felt very alone in the world. Thanks to any people I was able to break a majority of my suicidal tendencies, I found out who I am as a person, I learned to manage time wisely so I don’t get stressed out.

Q: What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

A: Well, it depends on the day…Sometimes I draw, that’s when I’m not as stressed. When I’m stressed out to a moderate level I tend to dance to K-pop, childish I know. As for when I am super stressed, I listen to music and lie in my bed trying to just rest to ease my stress.

Q: What is your favorite part about yourself?

A: I love that I have a semi-photographic memory, I get to memorize a lot of things easier than a lot of the typical minds. But, to be honest, I love my personality as a whole,  at first, I may seem mean but shy. When people get to know me they would honestly think the opposing thought.

Q: What is something you would tell your younger self?

A: As you get older don’t be afraid to try, you are a smart girl be better than those who only put you down. You will get through it all just you wait! work hard and study efficiently, follow your dreams and touch the stars.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know one of my beautiful friends. 

Love you all,

Hailey XOXO 


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