Sleep is for the weak ❔

It’s hilarious what an all nighter can do to you. I rarely do all nighters but last night I did one it was kind of an accident but also on purpose. I totally screwed up my sleeping pattern after I got out of school. Which if you read my post you would know that was the best thing for me to do. I decided to refresh so I stayed up all night got a few things done and I’ve been up all day keeping myself busy with the random little projects that are kind of pointless but adorable. From making snowflakes to wrapping pictures at our house to look like Christmas presents. I enjoyed my day and I filled my day with as much Christmas things as I could. It was a lovely day. yeah I wasn’t board for a minute I was just going to town enjoying my creative side.

This all nighter at first was killing me I wish I had slept, I had a headache and I was starving. I always get really hungry whenever I do all nighters because of the lack in energy that I should’ve gotten from sleep. Throughout the day it got easier and easier and energy Filled my body. So as I sit here typing up this post I’m not tired, my emotions are level and I feel good. Trust me I don’t suggest doing an all nighter but it really helps if you’re in a slump. There’s this research that’s been going on about when your brain is most creative. One result said that your brain is most creative when you are tired. This makes a lot of sense to me because I can come up with the weirdest things when I’m tired and the coolest ideas.

This is just another thing that shows how amazing our brains are and how much we can do with them if we really look into how our brains work. I’m so pleased with what I achieved today and what I have planned for the future. Honestly days like this are the days I remember the most. I learned so much about what happens when I get really tired, I learned that I’m more happy when I’m tired for some reason, and I learned I can be a early morning person if I actually get up. Like seriously I got up at 6 o’clock and made pancakes and eggs for my parents and brother even though I had no reason to be up. I even stayed up after I made them breakfast and hung out with them until they left. 

Who knew I could get so much done with like no sleep. I wouldn’t do this every day because I’d be scared of what it would do my body in the long run. Sleep is one of those things I think I will always struggle with and always be finding new tricks that help me be able to achieve more during the day and achieve more during the night. I know sleep is good and sleep is what you need when you are exhausted. But an all nighter is what you need when you don’t know if you’re exhausted or not. 

I love all of you, 

Hailey XOXO 


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