Christmas is so close 

I love Christmas so much it’s never just a one day thing. Every year in my family it’s always stretched out for  a few days. From the days before our family Christmas Eve party to the days following Christmas just hanging out with family. 

I’ve never had a bad Christmas and I hope I never do because it’s so much fun. I usually hate people who get super festive for holidays. but for me getting festive for Christmas is a whole different story, I love decorating, listening to the new Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. There are times when the Christmas music gets to be a bit to much though, that’s when I turn on some throwback music. 

Christmas always brings so many memories to mind it just makes me want to be a kid again. I know I’m still a kid but I mean a kid who believes in santa, all the elves and wants to adopt rodolph The reindeer. I loved sneaking around at night trying to catch Santa and getting up super early to unwrap presents. Now I:

  • Drink hot cocoa everyday (to warm my cold aging heart) 
  • Decorate 10x as much (to keep the spirit up in everybody)
  • Cook cozy meals (to try and bring the memories from when my mom would make comfort food everyday of December)
  • Wrap presents (in the most creative ways possible)
  • Get up early to unwrap gifts (I still do this and I think I always will)

Christmas is and will forever be my favorite holiday. Have a great Christmas 😘

Love you,

Hailey XOXO 


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