It’s Christmas Eve Eve 

This year I have done so much not just in this blog but in my life in general. I know it’s not the new year yet but I thought we would reminisce on what happened this year then on the 1st we will talk about what is to come. 

My year went by so fast like I had no clue what was happening for a while because life kinda took me for a joy ride. Here’s what happened that I can remember:

  1. I started struggling with depression and anxiety 
  2. I made a ton of short term new friends.
  3. I went to thrive and got close to some friends.
  4. I learned I get to graduate early.
  5. I started therapy. 
  6. I started my summer internship with my aunt.
  7. My birthday I turned 16.
  8. Went to summer camp and realized a lot about my life.
  9. School started I made a couple new friends and lost them quickly but then made new ones 😅
  10. I started my internship with the worship leader, it ended quickly for reasons.
  11. I changed churches then got my friends to go again. 
  12. Reconnected and got a grip on my life again and released myself from the whirlwind of life.

Some where along the way I started blogging and that’s how we found ourselves here. It wasn’t the best year but it wasn’t the worst.

I’m ending this year with a better connection with my friends, family and with my self and I would love to thank all of them. Especially June bug, Angel and Mag pie my bestest of friend. 

I love you all too, 

Hailey XOXO 


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