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Welcome to BEDIJ

First off you’re probably wondering what BEDIJ is, BEDIJ is simply ” Blog every day in January”.

Also happy new year outlaws we made it who knew it would feel so great to finally be in 2017.

This is going to be pretty epic and I couldn’t wait to start this. If you have been keeping up with my happiness project then you should know that January is reading month so I’m simply going to reread some of my favorites and find some new authors to love. Because I miss reading it used to be my favorite thing to do and lately I haven’t been doing it as much, So I will be incorporating what I’m reading into this as well.

BEDIJ is gonna be so much fun because in every post there will be a section with writting about:

  1. What I did that day
  2. How much I read in my book
  3. Tips on finding joy in everyday life
  4. Finally a just a daily dose of me which could literally be anything 

This is gonna be quite a task because usually my posts are very random and I skip a day or two every week. I want blogging to become a career but to do that I need to start creating quality content that isn’t random and has more of a theme to it. I really hope you guys enjoy this, I want you guys to interact too. I would love it if you gave me things to do. Maybe you’re curious what it was like to do a juice cleanse or How being a minimalist can change your life, idk come up with something crazy 😜.

Give me something to do, give me a book to read or a challenge, I will tell you all about it and how it affected my life throughout January.

Thank you so much, Love you all.

Hailey XOXO
Ps I’m sorry I skipped a week because I knew this was coming and I wanted it to be special 😘


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