What I did today?

Today I slept in late and watched some tv. (Stranger things is so epic) Then I went shopping with my mom, we exchanged some things and spent some kohls cash. I got a onsie that is so soft I could literally live in it. It’s by the brand “SO”, it has a hood and pockets. 

Then I came home and played my ukulele which was my main Christmas present and learned some songs on it. Like “I don’t know my name” by Grace Vanderwaal and “House of Gold” by twenty one pilots. Now I’m chilling writing this post, then I’m gonna go watch a movie then read my book before I go to bed.

How much I read in my book

This part I’m gonna start tomorrow because I’m gonna read tonight, so I will just have this as pretty much an update from the day before. 

I’m going to be reading “looking for Alaska” by John Green 

Tips on finding joy in everyday life

I think the first thing to do when looking for joy in your everyday life is finding something that makes you smile.

  • Maybe reading or writing or playing an instrument. It could also be hanging with friends or literally anything it’s up to you.

 You can also think about moments in life that did make you joyful and use those as fuel to create a great day. 

  • I usually use memories from the last couple weeks like last night I went to a bonfire and went off roading and it was super fun. Or I also hung out with my cousins last week which was epic.

Finally just a daily dose of me which could literally be anything today it’s a video of one of the songs I learned on my ukulele while wearing my new onsie 🤗

I don’t know my name by Grace Vanderwaal covered by Hailey 

I love you all, 

Hailey XOXO 


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