What did I do today?I have had way to many lazy days lately, I swear if I didn’t have my ukulele I would have slept all day.

Anyways today I slept in again then I made a egg salad sandwich and learned the riff from “flashlight” from pitch perfect on my ukulele. Then I watched “Iron man” and “Monte Carlo”.  Which are like my 2 favorite movies. Then I ate dinner and now I’m working on song that I wrote.

How much I read in my book

To be honest I read only a couple pages. My opinion still hasn’t changed only that I think Alaska is pretty cool.

Tips on finding joy in everyday life.

  • Hold your tongue, something’s are better thought then said.
  • Breathe, take moment to think about your accomplishments. 

Finally just a daily dose of me which could literally be anything today it is a very rough draft of a song I wrote called nothing cause I literally just wrote it.


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