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Real quick I know this is gonna be posted really late and I’m sorry.
What did I do today?

Today I did laundry cause I have school next week and I needed to wash all my school sweatshirts and shirts before I forgot about it. Then I watched tons of Netflix mainly “Vampire Diaries”. Then I did a hair mask, all you do is put tons of Aloe Vera gel in your hair and let it sit for a while. Then I took a shower because of the hair mask and also because I was going to a basketball game with my dad. After my shower we went to the game, it was epic  especially when my dad kept slipping on the icy snow. I did to but he kept making the funniest noises I was dying of laughter. Then I came home and got side tracked catching up on “The Bachelor”. Now I’m typing this up and gonna hit the hay.

How much I read in my book

None I’m gonna switch books I’m not enjoying “Looking for Alaska at all”. I’m gonna read “All the Bright places” by Jennifer Niven. Which I heard is super good and I’ve already read her book “Holding up the Universe” which was super cute and cheesy.

Tips on finding joy in everyday life

  • Love your life cause no one else can say they have friends like yours or have experienced the same things the same way you did.
  • Keep your head up cause you never no what you’ll miss when you’re staring down”

Finally a just a daily dose of me which could literally be anything Today it is a picture I took leaving the basketball game. I was in mid slip when I took it 😂

Love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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