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What did I do today?Today I woke up semi early and went to a friends house with my mom. We hung out with her and her kids for a bit. When we left we decided to stop by Ulta and picked up a couple face masks. Then we decided to go out to my dads work and meet up with him. We got lunch on the way and chatted during the ride up. It’s about 45min but today it was longer because it snowed. Once we got there we hung out with my dad for a few minutes then left to find Dutch bros coffee. Then we headed home. I fell asleep on the way back  but once we got home I played my ukulele for a little bit but then fell asleep again. 
How much I read in my book

I didn’t read today I didn’t really have much time to.

Tips on finding joy in everyday life

  • Comfort zones, they hold us back. They have held me back from so much, but I realized once I stepped out of the my life was so much better because my expectations were gone and I could just enjoy what was happening. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be the first step to finding joy or excitement in your everyday life.

Finally a just a daily dose of me which could literally be anything Today it is a picture 

This was a picture from the basketball game when we were walking back to the car.

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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