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What did I do today?

I’m back to school!!! I’m super excited because it’s my last semester. I woke up early I took a shower which was shocking cause I usually hate morning showers. Then I went to school saw some of the coolest people I’ve met this year such as this girl Kennedy who is so sweet and is serving God and people so much, from helping at her church to going on mission trips. I look up to her so much and think that she is super epic.

Other than school I made myself a tasty lunch and made these super cool Harry Potter wand pens.

Then I made cookies which didn’t come out very well. I didn’t add enough flour or baking sofa they tasted great though.

Tips on finding joy in eveday life

  • Hang out with the people who make you smile, stay away from the negatives.
  • Walk with a smile on your face and remember no matter what anybody else is doing you need to focus on yourself.

A little bit of me today it is a small ukulele instrumental that I came up with.

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 

P.s check out Shane’s new song dance, I literally can’t stop listening to it. 


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