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Today was okay, I had a super rushed morning cause I woke up late. Then I slipped and fell walking into my school which put me on edge. The rest of the day was fine I wrote a song about the Declaration of Independence for my History class. Then I busted out my P.E set pretty fast and got to relax and stretch. Then it came to the evening I can’t tell if I’m just tired or legitimately stressed. I felt like I wasn’t getting anything from my Pastor at during my church group. I also felt no connection with God which is so unusual for me.

Before I get myself down though I know how to handle this because it has happened once before, one of my old mentors called it a spiritual drop or hole. How do you get out of it? I’ll tell you

  1. Accept what’s happening and look into why it might be happening. In my case I haven’t been giving him my all and it has put a damper on our relationship.
  2. Listen to some music and open your ears to hear his voice.
  3. Pray, take time to open up to him and let him back in.
  4. Read the Bible, ask someone for a good verse that they like or just explore it with an open heart and mind.
  5. If your still struggling with getting anything ask someone you look up to for help or even just tell them what’s going on. 
  6. Get back into a daily routine of finding time for him. 
  7. Finally serve somehow, even if it’s just praying for someone or doing an act of kindness.

Tips on finding Joy in everyday life. 

  • I have talked about a lot in this section but one thing I haven’t mentioned is silence. Finding joy in the silence is such a good thing. Cause in the silence is when you get the most time to think and be to yourself.

A bit of me Today it is they song I wrote for my History class.

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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