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Today I had no school so I automatically thought “sweet I can have a super productive day at home” nope instead I played Xbox most of the day with my little brother then fell asleep on the couch with my dog. I’m happy don’t get me wrong but I could have done so much more.

Tips on finding joy in everyday life:

  • Create something that you are proud of, something just for yourself. Something that reminds you of who you want to be or who you want to become. This could be anything from a song a panting a poem it could be literally anything.

Today’s daily dose of me is a story. 

When I was 14 I started going to an actual school I had been homeschooled up to that point. I was so nervous and doubted everything. As the year continued on I made friends and had an okay freshman year, there was so much drama though that I got stuck in. 

The next year I was determined to stay out of it, but of course I didn’t. I ended up in some drama and ended up getting in an argument with the guy I liked about some other girl. At this point I realized I was contributing to so many insignificant issues. I was no longer hurting myself but the people around me. 

As I went into this year of school I had lost a lot of friends so I knew something had to change. I put so much more work into my relationships with God and the people around and I forced myself out of my bubble. I became the outlaw that I wanted to be. 

I repaired a lot of my relationships with the people I had hurt. Somehow, some of them are even my friends again. The hardest thing though was forgiving myself which I realized I hadn’t done, during conversation with a guy that I was apologizing to he stopped me and said I had nothing to apologize for. He said it was his fault and I had no need to blame myself. At that point I was confused because for the last  few months I had blamed myself for what happened between us. I think it was a mixture of both of us that contributed to it but just having him say that made me realize. If you go through out your life blaming yourself for things you’ll never move on.

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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