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Today was fun, it ended a bit rough but it was fun. This morning we all woke up my mom went to a memorial service and the rest of us watched a few kids for a family friend. This was super easy because they’re all super sweet, loud, yes, but they always make me smile.

We mainly played Xbox and ate food. Which is not my favorite thing to do but they made it fun because they’re so competitive. After they left we left for dinner at a local pizza place. Which was okay socially, but the pizza itself made up for it.

Tips for finding joy in everyday life.

  • Laugh 😂 because laughter is contagious and will make not just you more happy and joyful but the people around you to. I personally like finding funny videos or pictures and sharing them with people.

Your daily dose of me Today it is…

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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