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BEDIJ #17 

Today was good not much happened but I felt accomplished. I’m off to a great start in my classes and so far I haven’t gotten stressed. I’ve been making my own lunches for school and really enjoying not having to leave school during lunch for food. I also have been keeping a positive attitude towards everything. I would love to say my life is perfect but I’m still having issues with my sleep and anxiety. It’s getting easier but I’m far from perfect which is okay. 

My friend June bug said that it was okay that my senior year wasn’t crammed with things to do. Which made me really think, yes I loved having things to do everyday but having a year where I’m just working on me is okay. I don’t need to be constantly trying to be busy. This is my year of self improvement and change. 

Tips on finding joy in everyday life:

  • Stay positive, if you find yourself doubting or thinking negative stop yourself and say no. You have the ability to control your mind so stop yourself and move on. This has worked great for me lately especially when I get mad and want to go off on people I just tell myself to stop and move on.

Your daily dose of me today Is a simple throwback to my freshman year- 

This was me and my best friend Jennessa who was my rock and really helped me get through freshman year. I haven’t seen her in forever cause things happened but I love her so much she is literally the sweetest person I have ever met and so darn pretty. 

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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