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Today I did my presentation with my song, I accidentally sped it up a bit but it came out really well. School was well I guess. When me and my friends got home we played the Xbox and totally smashed call of duty zombies we aren’t pros but we definitely did better then I expected.then we went to our church group where we discussed living a life where we aren’t normal and inviting people to church and reaching out to people.

Tips on finding joy in everyday life:

  • When all else fails take a nap and sleep it off, most likely you will wake up with a different mindset and be able to look at the situation differently.

Your daily dose of me today it is my opinion on guys and crushes-

First off I have had every single type of crush;

  1. The You like me, I like you but it’s complicated also known as the puppy.
  2. The way out of my league 
  3. The bad boy 
  4. The best friend 
  5. The sweet heart 
  6. The unexpected 

My life used to revolve around guys and always having that crush or boyfriend to obsess over. Which isn’t good. Especially as a Christian woman, our minds should be focused on God and furthering our relationship with him. But it’s inevitable that you will have a guy that takes your breath away the trick is finding the one that God has actually put there for you.

I haven’t found out this trick yet but I have dealt with the “oh gosh he’s the one I just know it”. Which for me happened a lot which made my crushes seem insignificant compared to others.  

I liked this guy “puppy” we had a thing going since we were in kindergarten on and off this happened till I finally realized we weren’t who we were back then and had grown so much apart.

I met ” way out of my league” boy who wasn’t just older but also immature.

Then I met the “bad boy” who was actually super protective and sweet and became my best friend instantly. Yet, him and his friends definitely weren’t the best influence. 

The “best friend” this was the most heart ache I’ve had just because I put literally everything out on the line just to have my heart broken. The friend zone hurts.

The “sweet heart” this was a small thing I had with a guy who was just super sweet and so much fun to hang out with.

The “unexpected” is the person who you don’t think you like and then once someone mentions you liking them you realize you do.

One thing is that I have only dated twice. So I’m still pretty dumb about guys but I do know that they are pretty dumb too.

Love you all, and 

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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