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Korean barbecue what can I say… it’s expensive, limited on vegetarian options and messy. Today me and my family went out to try out some Korean barbecue for the first time. I had only seen pictures of it and wasn’t quite sure what to think about it at first.

As we began the adventure of Korean barbecue, we all decided to get all you can eat so that we would have a chance to try anything. First impression it was okay, I mainly ate shrimp, sweet potatoes frys and rice. The shrimp good but removing its shell was difficult for some reason. By the end of our dinner we all weren’t impressed, 

  • My dad was cooking everything for some reason, so he barely got to eat. He gave it a 3/10.
  • My mom have it a 6/10 she thought it was good but definitely more of a date night place.
  • My sister thought it was okay but the price was too high to make her want to go again. 5/10
  • I gave it a 5/10 because the flavor of everything wasn’t very good and they didn’t have a very good selection.

After that we all came home, played games,watched the princess diaries and had a delicious breakfast for dinner😋 

Tips on finding joy in every day life-

  • The beauty of having so many interests is that I always have something on my mind even if I’m just sitting around, and this is what helps me find joy in different situations even when the people around me aren’t enjoying themselves. I sometimes find my self day dreaming about the lives of the people around me even if it’s a random person in Starbucks.

Your daily dose of me today is a list I found on Pinterest with things to do when your bored.

I think it is very helpful😜

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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