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We are so close to the end of BEDIJ I’m so proud.

Today was interesting I went to school hung out with friends. Then stayed after school to watch the 1994 version of the jungle book which literally connects with every single Disney movie. Then me and my friend, June bug and jelly went to Taco Bell and then to our church group. 

Which was super fun, the whole message was funny but had so much behind it. Like how we should willing to say yes to what God asks us to do. Which goes perfectly with what I named this blog for. The whole outlaws thing is stepping out of your comfort zone and being an outlaw in your community for Christ.

Your daily dose of me, today is the orgin story of my blog:

At the beginning of my blog I felt like every post had to be this amazing realization about my life but then I noticed the posts that people were liking were the ones that I was totally myself with and just talked about my life and what I’ve learned from different experiences. 

I never got criticism for my blogs but I also never really got a ton of feedback either which made it easy for me to just keep writing what I was interested in writing about. 

So next month I plan on going back to that and writing about experiences I’ve had as a Christian girl in high school who is constantly working on finding her place in the world. 

My tip today about finding joy in everyday life is- do what you love and dream big because God can fulfill this dreams. 

I love you all, 

Hailey XOXO 😘 


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