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BEDIJ #26 

Planning things is something I love to do. Ever since I was little I loved to plan stuff especially when it came to things to do outside of the house. Now that I’m in high school planning stuff has become 10 times harder. I was leadership last year at my school I got to help plan the prom which was so much fun, yet also really difficult. 

I’m not in leadership this year for reasons and also because it’s super hard to fit in my schedule. This week though I got the opportunity to talk to the leadership teacher about her plans for the prom. Which is nothing which made me kind of sad because I was super excited to hear about all her plans. 

As usual though I had to say something so I told her how last year we were getting ready to prep for prom really early in the semester. I also mentioned how they would need to find a new DJ since the one last year is an allowed back. I might’ve also mentioned that the theme of it would be super hard to come up with because The budget will most likely be very small. Which it will be this year because they haven’t raised any money for it.

It made me realize though that planning things is something that I love to do so much and I don’t think It will ever not be a part of my life style. Even when it comes to be a blog posts I plan them out I have ideas usually half way through the day  about what I’m gonna write about, And monthly themes planned out way ahead.

My plans are to start working around that and around things that I love. I want to find a job that can allow me to organize things and plan things. It’s not just because I love it I’m also good at it.  

My tip today on finding joy in every day life is:

to focus on what you love because if you love it it’ll be the perfect job for you and eyes ever multiple people say if you love job you’ll never have to do work a day in the life. (you still have to work but it won’t feel like it because you love it so much)

Today’s daily dose of me is and instrumental on the ukulele but I thought was really cool

I love you all,

Hailey XOXO  😘 


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